23.10.2017 The AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 and celebrates its first anniversary!
On October 23, 2017 the AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 since its establishment. Two new interesting objects enlarged the company's portfolio over the previous year.

01.07.2017 “SunFlower Park” Hotel – the first-year performance results
July 1, 2017 marks exactly one year since the “SunFlower Park” Hotel (formerly the “Katerina Park” Hotel), located at Kirovogradskaya street, Moscow, came under the control of AIRHOTEL, a hotel management company.

21.10.2016 “Airhotel” company celebrates 4 years!
Our Hospitality Management Company “Airhotel” celebrates its 4th anniversary on the 23rd of October, 2016.

22.06.2016 New Moscow object - SunFlower Park Hotel!
Dear colleagues and partners!
From the 1st of July 2016, the hotel complex "Katerina Park" (located at the address: Moscow, Kirovogradskaya street, 11) comes under the control of "AIRHOTEL" hotel management company (OOO "Business and Law").

21.10.2015 “Airhotel” company celebrates 3 years!
Our Hospitality Management Company “Airhotel” celebrates its 3rd anniversary on the 23rd of October, 2015.

20.10.2014 Happy Birthday to “Airhotel” Management Company!
On the 23rd of October 2014 “Airhotel” company celebrates the 2nd Anniversary.

05.06.2013 Reservation is now easier and faster – our own new online reservation system!
We are happy to announce our new own online reservation system from the 05th of June at www.airhotel.ru with instant confirmation sent to your e-mail.

The AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 and celebrates its first anniversary!


The AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 and celebrates its first anniversary!

On October 23, 2017 the AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 since its establishment. Two new interesting objects enlarged the company's portfolio over the previous year.
In May 2017 our company entered into the first agreement in the classical format – a management agreement of an apart-hotel, a part of elite Residential complex Zolotaya Bukhta, situated in the center of Anapa on the shore of the Black Sea. Zolotaya Bukhta Premium Apart-hotel is vast apartments with modern design, equipped with all necessary for a luxury stay. A private beach, a swimming-pool, a fitness center, free parking spots and free Wi-Fi – all these services are at the guests’ disposal on the whole territory of the hotel. In July 2017, 7 weeks only after the project's start up, all the apartments were completely furnished and hosted the first visitors.

The AirHotel Express, opened on September 22, 2017, is located on the second floor of the passenger terminal of Domodedovo Airport. This small cozy hotel is represented by 35 rooms, equipped with everything a weary traveler would need for a short stay, including a private bathroom and the individual air-conditioning system.
The management company’s task was to start up the new object in the shortest time. The finishing work had been performed in the hotel while placing it under management; the rooms lacked furniture, textiles, necessary trifles, which make any stay comfortable. A new modern web-site was created for the guests to make convenient reservations from any mobile device in two clicks.

The Domodedovo AirHotel, located 500 meters from the airport, has lodged more than 120 thousand guests this year. In view of numerous flight delays, we have hosted a lot of passengers in the most complicated situations. Our team welcomes anyone who chooses our hotel!
We have kept up all the traditions and quality of guest service, tried and tested in the previous years, and we do our best to maintain the hotel in a proper condition. In the scope of reconstruction project of the hotel room capacity, the air conditioners were installed in quite a number of hotel rooms last year. As for the current year, pizza - one of the most world’s popular dish at affordable price - has appeared in the menu! At that, the guests may not only try various pizzas at the restaurant but also take them to the room or take them away from the hotel. A special oven has been bought for cooking pizza. Pizza is daily made up of natural components under the guidance of the chief cook.

The first stage of renovation of the room supply in the SunFlower Park Hotel (Moscow), which started in the end of 2016, has continued. The lounge furniture in all rooms of the Business category have been replaced this year. The ordinary curtains have been changed to more comfortable and stylish blackout curtains. The engineering equipment has been renovated. In the scope of this work, the air-conditioning system has been renovated as well and cleaned. The air has become much clearer and fresher, and both the guests and the staff have noticed it.
The SunFlower Park Hotel is popular not only among business tourists. This is often chosen as a place for weddings. Among our objectives is further development of the “Weddings” direction, hence, a new ground for on-site registration will be prepared to the next season in the mini-park within the territory of our hotel. Beside wedding ceremonies, the summer coffee brakes and various standing buffets may be organized on this ground.
The positive changes have been estimated by our guests. During the previous year, the rating at Booking.com reached 8,6 points!

Currently, the Tourist Hotel in Omsk is justly considered as one of the best hotels in the city. Both the favorable disposition in the center of Omsk - upon the conflux of two rivers, Irtysh and Om, near large transport junctions, exhibition and business centers – and available convenient accommodation with modern equipment plus a faultless 24-hour servicing contributes to it.
     Despite being popular, the hotel team steadily works on the improvement of the hotel infrastructure, its services and their quality. This year the contemporary Congress Center has been opened after renovation, being equipped with the most current technology, which gives a chance to transform the hall space to meet certain requirements of the client, having the remarkable illuminating system of halls. The furniture in the rooms has been replaced under the renovation program of the room capacity that allowed to make rooms-transformers out of the major part, thus, offering hosting to the guests with ultimate conform on account of their special needs.
  All positive changes made to the Tourist Hotel have been marked by our guests in the end. As a result, the rating of the Tourist Hotel, based on the responses of real clients on the web-site Booking.com in the previous year, has reached 8,9 points which is peak for a hotel!

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