23.10.2018 Birthday of the Management Company “AIRHOTEL” - 7 hotels for 6 years
On October 23, 2018 “AIRHOTEL” Management Company turns 6 years since its establishment. Two new interesting objects enlarged the company's portfolio over the previous year.

23.10.2017 The AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 and celebrates its first anniversary!
On October 23, 2017 the AIRHOTEL Management Company turns 5 since its establishment. Two new interesting objects enlarged the company's portfolio over the previous year.

01.07.2017 “SunFlower Park” Hotel – the first-year performance results
July 1, 2017 marks exactly one year since the “SunFlower Park” Hotel (formerly the “Katerina Park” Hotel), located at Kirovogradskaya street, Moscow, came under the control of AIRHOTEL, a hotel management company.

21.10.2016 “Airhotel” company celebrates 4 years!
Our Hospitality Management Company “Airhotel” celebrates its 4th anniversary on the 23rd of October, 2016.

22.06.2016 New Moscow object - SunFlower Park Hotel!
Dear colleagues and partners!
From the 1st of July 2016, the hotel complex "Katerina Park" (located at the address: Moscow, Kirovogradskaya street, 11) comes under the control of "AIRHOTEL" hotel management company (OOO "Business and Law").

21.10.2015 “Airhotel” company celebrates 3 years!
Our Hospitality Management Company “Airhotel” celebrates its 3rd anniversary on the 23rd of October, 2015.

20.10.2014 Happy Birthday to “Airhotel” Management Company!
On the 23rd of October 2014 “Airhotel” company celebrates the 2nd Anniversary.

05.06.2013 Reservation is now easier and faster – our own new online reservation system!
We are happy to announce our new own online reservation system from the 05th of June at www.airhotel.ru with instant confirmation sent to your e-mail.


Our philosophy of hospitality

  • Having due regard to the needs and expectations of the hotel guests and the company staff alike;
  • We are ready and willing to change for the better, since the world is changing day by day. Our best teacher is our guest, since every pre-shift meeting at all our hotels starts with reading out guest reviews regarding the day before;
  • The level of service at our hotels is always a level above the hotel’s star-rating.

Our philosophy of management

  • When we come to a new hotel, we not only bring in our philosophy and standards but learn too, trying to draw ideas, experience, and knowledge;
  • We always try to keep the personnel at every hotel. Any employee can become part of the team if he/she shares our approach and philosophy of hospitality, is ready to change for the better, and is willing to learn with us;
  • All hotel staff members have the same voice in things as employees at the managing company. Employees at the managing company have no special privileges – those are serving managers, who, apart from actual work at the hotel, manage relevant offices at hotels under management. Furthermore, a Front Office executive can work in Moscow, and, say, a Food and Beverage executive – in Omsk.
  • We are strangers to indisputable truths and permanent sets of ready-made decisions. The managing company keeps in direct dialog with hotel managers, sets the major objectives and ways to achieve them, while specialists at hotels go ahead and turn them into reality;
  • Common principles and approaches, reflected in our philosophy and standards, are always adapted to a specific hotel. Furthermore, each staff member is free to steer away from standards in cases when it is about improving service and sales – he/she is limited only by set key performance indicators, common sense, and a system of subsequent control and analysis of his/her actions;
  • We treasure our reputation. When making decisions today, we take account of the hotel’s long-term interests, even if the contract for its management is ending tomorrow;
  • We value all our guests, partners, and employees and do not necessarily aim to derive maximum profit in each particular case. We are sure that steady long-term relations produce the best financial results.